The Facility to Capacity Building project is a part of the Vietnam - Belgium 2011-2015 Indicative Cooperation Program. The project is jointly implemented by the Belgian Development Agency (BTC) and the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

The General objective of FCB is to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of Vietnam by facilitating Vietnam to become a knowledge-based industrialized country by 2020. The Specific objective of FCB is to improve the quality of human resources of Vietnam through strengthening the innovative and the management skills and capacities of Vietnamese individuals and targeted institutions.

FCB will offer a diversified range of instruments to address the demands for human resource development of Vietnam, including master degree scholarships, short-term traineeships, alumni fellowships, pre-departure facilitation, net working and professional development activities, all will be geared at creating some of the conditions for successful organizational and institutional strengthening. The capacity building opportunities on offer will be coherent with the priorities of the ICP area of intervention and maximize opportunities to develop linkages between Vietnamese and Belgian actors. 

To support the PMU im implementing  a series of trainings for middle managers and professionals in public agencies (DoET, DoHA & public universities), the Belgian Development Agency is looking for training and consultancy organizations to carry out the following assignments: 

1.     Lot 1: Design and deliver 02 training programs on management skills for public agency leaders and managers;

2.     Lot 2: Design and delivery a training program on human resources management (HRM) for public agency leaders and managers;

3.     Lot 3: Develop a handbook on human resources management (HRM) for public agency leaders and managers;

4.     Lot 4: Design and conduct a training program on organizational development (OD) for public agency leaders and managers;

5.     Lot 5: Consultancy service to develop a handbook on organizational development (OD) for public agency leaders and managers; 

Detailed requirements for the bidder can be obtained by contacting the FCB management unit at the following address. Interested bidders can send their tender document by the deadline 12.00PM, 8th June 2018 to the following address:

                        Ms. Pham Huong Linh

                        Facility to Capacity Building Project Management Unit

            Room 400, No. 25 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

            Email: phamhuonglinh212@gmail.com

Download Tender documents Enabel in Vietnam