Procurement package: Purchasing of RAN 4G equipment

Project name

Procurement package

Method of bidder selection

Short list of bidders

Approval decision

Expanding network coverage in north area of MobiFone network 2020

Purchasing of RAN 4G equipment “Notice ref No 20200964340 - 00. Date of publication: 23/09/2020 16:42"

International limited bidding

1. Partnership of Ericsson AB (Sweden) and Ericsson Vietnam Company Limited (Viet Nam) and Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics (Viet Nam)

2. Partnership of Nokia Solutions and Networks OY (Finland) and Nokia Solutions and Networks Technical Services Vietnam Company Limited (Viet Nam) and Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Industry Technology Joint Stock Company (Viet Nam)

3. Partnership of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd (China) andConstruction and Machinery Installation for Telecommunication Corporation (Viet Nam) andITC Telecom Services Development Joint Stock Company (ITC TEL.,JSC) and VINECO Telecommunication systems Joint Stock Company (Viet Nam)

4. Partnership of Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd (Korea) and Kasati Joint Stock Company (Viet Nam) and Quang Dung Technology Distribution Joint Stock Company (Viet Nam)

No. 1606/QĐ-MOBIFONE dated 28/8/2020 signed by General Director of MobiFone Corporation