Notice of bid extenstion

Southwest Pipeline Operating Company published the extention of the Invitation to bid on Vietnam Public Procurement Review issue No. 140 dated 28 July 2022 with the following contents:

Procurement package: Procurement, Construction and Pre-Commissioning for Offshore Pipeline (PC) “Notice ref No.: 20200350443 - 00. Date of extention: 21/03/2022 12:16"

Project name: Block B - O Mon Gas Pipeline

Time of issuing bidding documents: from 04:27 pm, 20 March 2020 to 09:00 am, 14 April 2023 (during office hours)

Bid closing time: 10:00 am, 14 April 2023.

Now we would like to extend:

Time of issuing bidding documents: before 09:00 am, 31 May 2023 (during office hours)

Bid opening time: 10:00 am, 31 May 2023

Other information remains unchanged

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