Cu Ne I 50MW Wind Power Plant Project, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam

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Construction for Closing Project

Announcement of Bundling Competitive Negotiation

Procurement Number: FD-YNDL-CN1-JA-WGXQ

This bid section have been approved to adopt the procurement method of competitive negotiation. Participants who meet the conditions, have a good reputation, have strong strength and are able to provide this content of procurement are welcome to participate in the negotiation.

I. Name of the Procurer:


II. Project Name:

Cu Ne I 50MW Wind Power Plant Project, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam

III. Contents of Procurement:

Construction for Closing Project.

See the technical specifications for details.

IV. Time Limit for Performance of the Contract:

Meet the on-site needs.

V. Project Implementation Location:

Dak Lak Province, Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

VI. Requirements for Invited Participants:

(1) Participants must have been registered in Vietnam, have independent legal personality, and have the ability to complete and guarantee the completion of the competitive negotiation project on schedule. Participants must provide a scanned copy of the business license that is valid before the response deadline.

(2) Participants must hold Level III or higher Certificate of construction in Vietnam (Industry Building and Equipment Installation).

(3) A participant must not under one of the following circumstances:

It is ordered to suspend production or business; its property has been taken over, frozen, or in bankruptcy; in the last three years (January 1, 2020 to now), there has been a fraudulent transaction or a serious breach of contract or a major project quality problem; it defaults in any contract, or is evicted, or causes any contract to be rescinded due to the its own reasons; it borrows from others or lends to others its qualifications or performance; it has outstanding major litigation cases.

(4) This project does not accept joint negotiations.

(5) Legal persons, other organizations or individuals that have an interest in a competitive negotiator that may affect the fairness of the negotiation shall not participate in the negotiation. A unit whose person in charge is the same person in charge of another unit or has a holding or management relationship, shall not participate in the quotation in the same bid section or the negotiation for the same project without dividing the bid section.

(6) Participants who collude with others to provide quotations or provide false quotations shall be reviewed and determined by the review committee. The quotations provided by such participants shall be vetoed, and the quotation qualifications of such participants for this procurement project shall be suspended.

VII. Qualification Review Methods:

This procurement project will adopt the post-qualification method for qualification review.

VIII. Deadline for Registration:

Participants shall send their Participation Letter (see attachment) to the purchaser's contact email before 9:00 am on May 7, 2024. Overdue registration will not be accepted.

IX. Submission of Response Documents:

(1) Response deadline (ie the start time for quotation): 9:00 am on May 7, 2024.

(2) Response documents delivered late or not delivered to the designated location will not be accepted.

(3) Contact person and email for submitting the response documents:

Contact: Zhuang Yan

Tel: 0332714469


Address: Km67, Quốc lộ 14, Xã Cư Né, Huyện Krông Búk, Tỉnh Đắk Lắk.


Participation Letter


We have decided to participate in the competitive negotiation and procurement activities of Remaining Construction of Wind Power Plant for Cu Ne I 50MW Wind Power Plant Project, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam with the purchase number of FD-YNDL-CN1-JA-WGXQ, and submit the response documents.

Please provide relevant documents and information.

Full name of the participant (Seal)参与人全称(印章):

Signature of the legal representative or agent:


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