Vietsovpetro Joint Venture issued on April 9, 2019 its notice of bid invitation for procurement package: Corrosion Inhibitor under Vietsovpetro’s Package VT-166/19-KHI  with details as follows:

Procuring agency: Vietsovpetro Joint Venture

Name of procurement package: Corrosion Inhibitor under Vietsovpetro’s Package VT-166/19-KHI “Notice ref No.: 20190424653 - 00. Date of publication: 09/04/2019 15:04"

- Implementation period: 250 days

Project name: Corrosion Inhibitor.

Source of fund: Item, Appendix 22.1, Minutes of  Vietsovpetro 2019”

Method of bidder selection: International open bidding, one-stage one envelope bidding  

Time of issuing bidding documents: from 08:00 am, 15 April 2019 to 09:00 am, 13 May 2019 (during office hours)

Place of issuing bidding documents: Commercial Department of Vietsovpetro, 105 Le Loi St., Thang Nhi Ward, Vung Tau City. Floor 12, the main building. Tel. 0254.3839871 / 3838662 - ext. 2470; Fax: 0254-3839857

Price of bidding documents:VND 500,000

Bid security: VND 47,000,000 or USD 2,000 by bank guarantee or deposit by certified cheque

Bid closing time: 09:00 am, 13 May 2019 

Bid opening time: 09:30 am, 13 May 2019.