Nghe An Department of Investment and Planning issued on December 17, 2021 its notice of its notice of bid invitation for project of Urban area in Hung Loc commune, Vinh city with details as follows:

Procuring agency: Nghe An Department of Investment and Planning

Project name: Urban area in Hung Loc commune, Vinh city “Notice ref No 20211260487 - 00. Date of publication: 17/12/2021 17:55"

Project's investment objectives: Specifically, the socio-economic goals of Vinh city; Concretizing the detailed construction planning project of 1/500 scale of urban area in Hung Loc commune approved by the Provincial People's Committee at Decision No. 3921/QD-UBND dated 05 November 2020. - To build a synchronous and modern urban area that meets the standard requirements on environmental sanitation, security and order, traffic safety, fire prevention and fighting, urban landscape, and commercial civilization; system of technical infrastructure, architectural works, landscapes is complete, articulates with other projects in the area, and harmonizes between the new development area and the existing area

Scale of the project investment: a. Population size: About 3,000 people c. Products and services offered - The low-rise residential land, semi-detached house style, a total land area of 38,595.67 m2, including 308 land lots - Land for low-rise housing area with villa type, with a total land area of 9,622.55 m2, including 21 lots - Land for low-rise housing area with semi-detached houses, with a total land area of 22,175.32 m2, including 176 apartments - The social housing area consists of 03 zones, with a total land area of 18,202.50 m2 - Commercial and service area includes 03 zones with total land area of 6,374.40 m2 - Technical and social infrastructure services (kindergarten, cultural houses...) are synchronous c. Compensation for site clearance d. Handling public assets: 4.68 hectares of traffic land

Preliminary total project implementation cost: VND 1.347.536.000.000

Compensation, support and resettlement expense: VND 105.325.000.000

Summary of the basic requirements of the project: To build an urban area according to the approved planning

Investment duration and schedule: 1. Duration of project operation: Not more than 50 years from the date of land allocation to investor. 2. Construction progress: Complete the project within 03 years from the date of eligibility to start construction as prescribed by law

Project location: Hung Loc commune, Vinh city, Nghe An province

Land area: 249,090.66 m2

Land use's purpose: To build an urban area according to the approved planning

Approved planning criteria: Carrying out in accordance with Decision No. 3921/QD-UBND dated 05 November 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee on approving the detailed construction planning of 1/500 scale of functional subdivisions in Hung Loc commune, Vinh city with a land use structure as follows: No. Description Area (m2) Ratio (%) 1 Low-rise residential land (484 lots of semi-detached house, 21 plots of villas) 70,393.54 28.26 2 Land for social housing, with a height of 5-7 storeys 18,202.50 7.31 3 Commercial and service land, with a height of 3-5 storeys 6,374.40 2.56 4 Land for construction of cultural houses, with a height of 01 storey 1,935.45 0.78 5 Land for construction of a kindergarten, with a height of 03 storeys 3,171.62 1.27 6 Land for sports facilities, water surface land 56,687.71 22.76 7 Land for foreign traffic 41,407.35 16.62 8 Land for internal traffic of the project 48,783.35 19.58 9 Land for technical infrastructure 2,134.68 0.86 Total: 249,090.60 100.00

Deadline for investors to submit their project implementation registration document: 20/01/2022 08:00

Address, phone number, fax number of the Department of Planning and Investment: Nghe An Department of Investment and Planning; No. 20 Truong Thi, Vinh city, Nghe An province. Tel./Fax: 0238 3844636

Other information: The current status of the land is mainly rice cultivation land, in-field irrigation and traffic land, farmland. Preliminary summary table of land use status No. Description Area (m2) Note 1 Land for rice cultivation 15.94 64,02 2 Residential land + garden 0.41 1,65 3 Traffic land 4.68 18,76 4 Graveyard land 0.10 0,4 5 Cooperative land 0.13 0,52 6 Unused land 0.05 0,2 7 Land for perennial crops 0.23 0,92 8 Aquatic land, pond 1.04 4,18 9 Irrigation land 0.88 3,53 10 Flat land to plant other perennial crops 1.45 5,82 Total: 24,91 100