Procuring agency: Department of Planning and Investment of Yen Bai province

Project name: Investment and construction of new urban area in Le Ho and Nguyen Uy communes, Kim Bang district (KB-DT.06.22.4) “Notice ref No PR2200013767 - 00. Date of publication: 07/10/2022 13:58"

Investment objectives: To gradually concretize the general planning of Kim Bang urban area to 2030 with a vision to 2050, the zoning for construction at the scale of 1/2000 scale in Le Ho, Dai Cuong and Nguyen Uy communes in Kim Bang district has been approved, promoting the improvement of the Kim Bang urban infrastructure system in a synchronous and modern manner, striving to reach the criteria of urban area of grade IV by 2025; To form a new urban area that is spacious with synchronous infrastructure system, beautiful and harmonious landscape architecture between the newly developed area and the existing residential area, creating ideal living and working spaces; To improve the efficiency of land use, meeting the demand for housing; To contribute to increasing the state budget revenue and promote socio-economic development of the locality.

Project scale: 1. Population size: It is expected that the project population size is about 6,848 people. 2. Scale of land for project implementation: About 521,000.0m2 3. Project scale: - Technical Infrastructure works: The scope of investment of the work items includes: Leveling (excluding the volume of leveling the works not proposed for investment in the project and handed over to the local authority for management) - Housing works. About 317 adjacent houses are expected to be built on the main roads of the project (with the road section of more than 23m according to the approved zone planning at 1/2000 scale) with a land use area of about 33,857.1 m2; construction area of about 28,778.5 m2; Floor area of about 115,114 m2; construction density of about 80%; and the number of floors is 4. - Social infrastructure works: + Public works for housing units (cultural houses, community houses): The land use area is about 4,296.1 m2; Construction floor area is about 1,718 m2; Construction density is 40%, Number of floors is 01. + Kindergarten works: Land use area is about 5,496.3 m2, construction floor area is about 4,397 m2; Construction density is 40%; Number of floors is about 02. + Urban public works (supermarkets, hotels, offices, restaurants, gas stations, ..): Land use area is about 14,787.8 m2; construction floor area is about 59,151.2 m2; construction density is 40%, number of floors is 10. + Land for relics and religions: Area: about 9,600.9 m2, kept in its current state to continue serving the spiritual and religious needs of locals and visitors. + Corridor land for isolation of power lines: Approximately 12,217.6 m2 + Cemetery land: Currently, there is about 6,559.5m2 of cemetery land. It is necessary to build a fence around the cemetery area to ensure urban beauty (the details of the fence will be determined in the detailed planning stage). + Land for medical stations: Area: about 8,848.9 m2; AAfter completing site clearance, the land would be handed over to state agen.

Project summary: Invest in the synchronous construction of technical and social infrastructure systems of the new urban area in Le Ho commune and Nguyen Uy Commune, Kim Bang district (KB-DT.06.22.4), in accordance with the master plan of Kim Bang urban area with the zone planning scale of 1/2000 in Le Ho, Dai Cuong, and Nguyen Uy communes, Kim Bang district and in accordance with the approved investment policy, ensuring synchronous connection with the technical infrastructure of the surrounding area and the existing residential areas; update and synchronously connect with the technical infrastructure of the projects that have been implemented in the area. The project has not had a detailed 1/500 scale construction planning, so the selected investor must make a detailed planning and carry out the appraisal process, submit it to competent authorities for approval according to regulations on planning, construction, urban areas, houses... - The selected investor must comply with the order of connection.

Project implementation progress: Project implementation progress: From 2022 to 2028. Duration of the project: no more than 50 years (from the date the investor is allocated with the land, is allowed to lease the land and change the land use purpose under decisions of competent authorities)

Project location: Nguyen Uy commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province; Le Ho commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province

Land area: About 521,000.0m2

Land use period: Long-term residential land; Educational land, urban public works (supermarkets, hotels, offices, restaurants, gas stations, ..) not more than 50 years,...

Land use's purpose: New residential land; Public land; Land used for educational purpose; Green land and water surface; Land for parking; Technical infrastructure land; Traffic land; Land for relics and religion; Cemetery land; Isolated green land; Land for high voltage power line corridor; Water surface (channel PK16).

Approved planning criteria: The project has not had a detailed planning and specific planning criteria (land use structure, criteria on the organization of architectural landscape and urban design, planning of technical infrastructure system, etc. are determined upon detailed planning preparation by the selected investor, submitted for appraisal and approval, ensuring compliance with the zone planning at 1/2000 scale in Le Ho, Dai Cuong, and Nguyen Uy Communes, Kim Bang district and the regulations and standards according to the applicable law on planning, construction, urban, housing, and land, etc

Current status of the land area: The land has not been cleared. The existing land use structure is as follows: - Religious land: 7,411.10 m2. - Land for rice cultivation: 463,500.0 m2. - Cemetery land: 6,456.1 m2. - Agricultural land managed by the Communes’ People's Committee and canal land in the field: 24,947.72 m2. - Land for other annual crops: 14,074.09 m2. - Land for traffic, land for technical infrastructure: 4,611.0 m2.

Preliminary total project implementation cost: VND 1.638.940.000.000

Compensation, support and resettlement expense: VND

Deadline for investors to submit their project implementation registration document:07/11/2022 14:00

Address, phone number, fax number of the Department of Planning and Investment: Department of Planning and Investment of Ha Nam province, No. 15, Tran Phu road, Quang Trung ward, Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province. Phone number: 03513852701

More information about the project: According to the decision approving the planning and the decision approving the investment policy of the People's Committee of Ha Nam province.

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