Project name: Commercial - Service - Housing Complex including the land lots marked OTM4, OTM6, LK16, LK17, CC12, CX2 at the roundabout intersection of Vo Nguyen Giap – To Huu Streets “Notice ref No 20220413346 - 00. Date of publication: 06/04/2022 14:44"

Project's investment objectives: To build a high-end Commercial - Service - Housing Center right in the center of Zone A - An Van Duong New Urban Area to meet the housing needs of the people and the shopping and accommodation needs of tourists to Hue. In addition, the project will help motivate Thua Thien Hue Province to soon achieve its goal of becoming a municipality.

Scale of the project investment: To build a commercial - service - housing complex including about 160 low-rise houses and about 2,100 shophouses. The estimated population is about 9,000 people

Preliminary total project implementation cost: VND 4.123.741.000.000

Compensation, support and resettlement expense: VND

Summary of the basic requirements of the project: The investor hands over the land area with the symbol CC12 (area 4,525m2) to the province through the Provincial Land Fund Development Center. Investors who are allocated or leased land by the State with the collection of land use fees for investment in construction and business is 123,397m2, which is expected to include the following types of land: + Low-rise residential land: 22,813m2. + Residential land combined with trade and service (high-rise): 100,584m2. Note: The allocated and leased area will not include the area of the foundation fto support the work of the overhead rotation project.

Investment duration and schedule: Shall not exceed 60 months from the date of on-site land handover; in which, construction progress of technical infrastructure works shall not exceed 24 months

Project location: The land lots marked OTM4, OTM6, LK16, LK17, CC12, CX2 in Zone A – An Van Duong New Urban Area, An Dong and Xuan Phu Wards, Hue City, Thue Thien Hue Province.

Land area: About 182,601m2

Land use's purpose: Invest in building a complex of trade and services combined with housing

Approved planning criteria: To comply with Decision No. 279/QD-UBND dated January 22, 2020 of the People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province

Deadline for investors to submit their project implementation registration document:10/05/2022 15:00

Address, phone number, fax number of the Department of Planning and Investment: Department of Planning and Investment of Thua Thien Hue Province, 07 Ton Duc Thang Street, Phu Hoi ward, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province. Phone number: 0234.3822538; Fax: 0234.3821264

Other information: Public land 21,865 m2, of which public land division 21,865 m2, accounting for 11.96%, is scattered.