Procuring agency: Department of Planning and Investment of Thai Nguyen province

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Project name: Thai Son urban area “Notice ref No PR2200017600 - 00. Date of publication: 21/10/2022 16:10"

Investment objectives: To build a completed urban area, connecting with existing infrastructure and adjacent areas, to create a synchronous urban area in terms of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure and other works according to the detailed planning project approved. To increase housing fund, residential land; reducing the pressure on housing demand for the area, in order to contribute to solving housing needs for people; increasing the land fund for social housing in order to ensure social security. To improve the efficiency of land use, increase the sources of revenue for the state budget through taxes and fees.

Project scale: According to Decision No. 1393/QD-UBND dated June 27th, 2022 of the Provincial People's Committee approving the investment policy of Thai Son Urban Area Project.

Project summary: -

Project implementation progress: Project operation term: 50 years. Project implementation progress: It will be until quarter II of 2027

Project location: Quyet Thang commune, Thai Nguyen City, Thai Nguyen province

Land area: 475,528 m2

Land use period: -

Land use's purpose: It is to build urban area with following functions

Approved planning criteria: -

Current status of the land area: Current status is agricultural land, non-agricultural land managed and used by organizations and individual households; not yet compensated for clearance

Preliminary total project implementation cost: VND 964.533.000.000

Compensation, support and resettlement expense: VND 756.293.000.000

Deadline for investors to submit their project implementation registration document: 21/11/2022 08:00

Address, phone number, fax number of the Department of Planning and Investment: Department of Planning and Investment of Thai Nguyen province, 16a Nha Trang road, Truong Vuong ward, Thai Nguyen city, Thai Nguyen province. Phone number: 02803855688

More information about the project: -

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