Procuring agency: Department of Planning and Investment of Soc Trang province

Project name: New Urban Area of ward 4 - Zone 02, Soc Trang city, Soc Trang province towards the part of land that has not been cleared (the investors are selected by bidding) “Notice ref No PR2300006715 - 00. Date of publication: 22/02/2023 10:45"

Investment objectives: To invest in building a new urban area with synchronous technical and social infrastructure according to the criteria of a new and smart urban area of Soc Trang city; contribute to the development of the central urban area; meet the people's demand for housing, social housing, commerce and services. In line with the urban development orientation according to the general planning of Soc Trang city

Project scale: 1. Total project area: About 45.24 ha. - Population: About 7,480 people. - Scale of construction architecture: Construction must comply with the area, height, construction density, land use coefficient according to the detailed construction planning scale 1/500 approved by competent authorities

Project implementation progress: 50 years, counting from the date the investor is granted a decision on land allocation or land lease

Project location: 4 commune, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang province

Land area: About 45.24ha

Land use's purpose: Construction of urban and residential areas

Current status of the land area: Irrigated land, rice cultivation land

Preliminary total project implementation cost: VND

Compensation, support and resettlement expense: VND 357.994.131.363

Deadline for investors to submit their project implementation registration document: 26/03/2023 11:00

Address, phone number, fax number of the Department of Planning and Investment: Department of Planning and Investment of Soc Trang province, 21 Tran Hung Dao road, 3 ward, Soc Trang city, Soc Trang province. Phone number: 02993822333

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