Project name: Construction and Investment on Project to build urban housing area in Bach Thuong ward Yen Bac ward, Duy Tien town (DT-DT06.21) “Notice ref No 20220476916 - 00. Date of publication: 30/04/2022 06:37"

Project's investment objectives: Concretize the 1/2000 zoning plan of Yen Bac ward, 1/2000 scale zoning plan of Bach Thuong ward and the 1/500 detailed construction planning project of the new urban area combined with embellishment the current residential area in Bach Thuong ward, Yen Bac ward, Duy Tien town (DT-DT06.21) has been approved. -Meeting the housing needs of the people, contributing to increasing revenue for the local budget. Exploiting and improving the efficiency of land use, contributing to the economic development of the region.

Scale of the project investment: a) Technical infrastructure works: Construction investment according to planning. b) Residential unit works: Construction investment of 292 5 – floors houses. c) Other social and public infrastructure works: - Commercial infrastructure and public infrastructure works: Land area is about 4,839.7 m2, including: Lot TMDV1 with land area is about 1,933.1 m2, for the construction of 7 floors building; Lot TMDV2 with land area is about 2,906.6 m2, for the construction of 2 floors building. - Cultural-building works: Land area is about 1,145.5m2, construction density 40%, for the construction of 1 floors building

Preliminary total project implementation cost: VND 984.799.800.000

Compensation, support and resettlement expense: VND 159.743.200.000

Summary of the basic requirements of the project: Invest in building a system of technical and social infrastructure for the housing area to ensure compliance with the approved 1/500 detailed planning and the approved investment policy. - The selected investor must implement the connection agreements with specialized state management agencies in charge of traffic, irrigation, electricity supply, water supply and drainage… according to regulations; develop plans and solutions to rebuild canals in agreement with the state management agencies in charge of irrigation and agricultural, ensuring irrigation requirements in accordance with the regulations... when implementing project.

Investment duration and schedule: Investment duration and schedule: 2022 - 2026. - Project operation duration: No more than 50 years from the date of issuance of the investor decision

Project location: Bach Thuong Ward, Yen Bac Ward, Duy Tien Town, Ha Nam Province.

Land area: About 446.759,4m2

Land use's purpose: Including residential land, urban public land, public land for residential units, green land, water surface, technical infrastructure land behind the lot, traffic land, parking lots, traffic land, non-civil land

Approved planning criteria: Structure of land use: using 446.759.4 m2 of land, including: Residential land; Land for urban public works; Land for public works of residential units; Land for plant trees, water surface; Land for technical infrastructure behind the lot; transport land; Parking lot; Non-residential land; martyrs cemetery; current pumping station; waste water treatment station; land for plant trees in sport field area. - The norms on spatial organization of landscape architecture and urban design; technical infrastructure system planning: Followed the provisions of the Decision approving the planning.

Deadline for investors to submit their project implementation registration document:02/06/2022 15:00

Address, phone number, fax number of the Department of Planning and Investment: Department of Planning and Investment of Ha Nam province, No. 15, Tran Phu Street, Quang Trung Ward, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam Province. Phone number: 0226.3852.701; Fax number: 0226.3852.701

Other information: According to the decision approving the planning and the decision approving the investment policy of the People's Committee of Ha Nam province.