Project name: New urban area at the beginning of national highway bypass 6, Son La city, Son La province “Notice ref No 20220362679 - 00. Date of publication: 24/03/2022 17:59"

Project's investment objectives: Construction and formation of 01 new urban area with technical infrastructure, social infrastructure and houses is synchronously invested and built according to the approved detailed construction planning with a total project area of 358,073.5m2.

Scale of the project investment: Population scale: About 3,700 people; - Scale of land use: Total project area: 358,073.5m2 (excluding 5,818.6m2 of the existing residential land in land lots marked OHT-15, OHT-16, OHT-22 according to the approved detailed construction planning)

Preliminary total project implementation cost: VND 831.620.000.000

Compensation, support and resettlement expense: VND

Summary of the basic requirements of the project: Selected Investor(s) are able to fully fulfill their financial obligations to the state as well as comply with other relevant laws; For the cost of translating from Vietnamese to English: The selected Investor(s) is responsible for refunding this cost unconditionally, independent of land use levy and land rent...

Investment duration and schedule: The project's operating term shall not exceed 50 years - Project implementation progress: 78 months, In which: + Time to organize Investor(s) selection: 06 months. + Time for compensation and site clearance; Project formulation, appraisal and approval: 12 months. + Time to implement the project’s investment and construction: 60 months (construction of technical and social infrastructure: 36 months, finishing the exterior of the houses: 24 months). + Progress of capital contribution and mobilization of capital sources: According to the plan of the winning Investor(s), ensure that it is not later than the approved project implementation schedule

Project location: In Sang village, Chieng Sinh ward, Son La city and Chieng Mung commune, Mai Son district, Son La province.

Land area: 358,073.5m2

Land use's purpose: Construction and formation of 01 new urban area with technical infrastructure, social infrastructure and houses is synchronously invested and built

Approved planning criteria: Total project implementation area: 358.073,5m2, In which: Public land: 5,425.5m2, Education land: 17,302.9m2; Commercial and service land: 1.970.1m2; Landscape: 139,771.1 m2; Land for green trees and sports: 13,189.5 m2; Land for technical infrastructure system: 180,414.4 m2

Deadline for investors to submit their project implementation registration document:28/04/2022 16:30

Address, phone number, fax number of the Department of Planning and Investment: Son La province’s Department of Planning and Investment, 6th floor, 9-storey building, provincial administrative center. Phone number: 0212 3859 866; 0212 3854 249; Fax number: 0212 3852 032

Other information: Total land use area of the project: 358,073.5m2 (the land area has not yet been compensated, cleared), In which: - Current residential land is not concentrated: 10,800,0m2; - Land for two rice crops: 84,470.1m2; - Land for aquaculture ponds: 48,291.0m2; - Land for perennial crops: 203,098.6m2; - Other land (roads, canals, irrigation ditches, canals, streams...): 11,413.8m2.