Wirtz Manufacturing Co. Inc has won the bidding package of Supplying a paste mixer with details as follows:

Project name: Preparation plant of paste mixer

Bidding package: Supplying a paste mixer

Method of bidder selection: ICB

Bid price: 14,904,381,833 VND (634,062 USD), in which provision 709,732.468 VND (30,193 USD)

Winning bid price: 12,413,924,820 VND (i.e. 533,588.00 USD) – CIF Ho Chi Minh City Port

Winning bidder: Wirtz Manufacturing Co. Inc

Approval Decision: No 215/QD-PA dated May 14th 2019

Type of contract: Lump-sum contract

Duration of contract: within 01 year, in which time of delivery (shipment) is within 24 weeks after the receipt of down payment with all drawings approvals